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Bankruptcy & Adversarial Proceedings

Bankruptcy & Adversarial Proceedings

Sakhia Law Group has represented individuals and businesses in bankruptcy and debtor rehabilitation for over 10 years of service to all types of client, most of whom have never before dealt with the complexities and remedies available under the law – the objective being a fair settlement of obligations consonant with rehabilitation of the debtor. In recent years, bankruptcy situations have become increasingly common, primarily as a result of the 1978 Bankruptcy Reform Act. By promoting greater flexibility in procedures, the Act eliminated the stigma associated with filing for protection. Reorganization of an ailing debtor has become a given of twentieth century business life. Our commitment to excellence in this field is furthered by the personal involvement of our firm members in every case – no matter the field, no matter the problem. A salient feature of the firm’s personal service is the practice pioneered by us of providing revenue and sales projections to aid the courts in administering a debtor’s rehabilitation. Our firm represent both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, so we have a special understanding of both sides of the issues.

We have successfully represented clients whose bankruptcy petitions have been challenged either by the US DOJ, Trustee’s Office and Debtors by way of initiating adversary proceedings.

If you wish to discuss your legal options out of the financial jam, we can help. Contact us today by emailing us at nhs@SakhiaLawGroup.com or by using the contact form below or call us at (972) 359-9274, to schedule a consultation with our law group.

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