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About Us

About Us

Immigration Law is our primary focus. Over the years we have helped thousands of clients, individuals as well as small to medium and large corporations covering all aspects of immigration law.

We have helped clients stay compliant with the requirements of immigration law when they are on:

  1. B1/B2 Visitor Visa
  2. F1/M1/F2 – Student Visa
  3. H1-B Visa for specialty occupation professionals
  4. L1A or L1A Intra Company transferees
  5. E1 Treaty Traders
  6. E2 Treaty Investors
  7. EB-1 Multinational Managers
  8. EB-2 Advanced Degree Holder Professionals
  9. EB-3 Professional Degree Holders
  10. EB-5 Investor Immigrants
  11. Asylees or Refugees
  12. Immediate or Preference Relatives of US citizens or Permanent Residents
  13. Individuals in removal proceedings
  14. Individuals in detentions
  15. Individuals seeking to pursue appeals in administrative forums, immigration courts, the circuit court of appeals, and higher.

At Sakhia Law Group, you are not just a case or a file.  We believe in knowing you well to understand your issues, your goals, and your objectives for a long-term attorney-client relationship.

Our objective is to make the law work for you.

With years of extensive experience under our belt and thousands of satisfied clients all over the US in all areas of immigration, from simple visa petitions to complex litigation in US District Court, Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court, we have the knowledge, expertise and most importantly passion to help our clients under the law.

During the initial consultation, in person or remotely, you will get a thorough analysis of your situation based on your case history with practical solutions offered with all the technicalities and nuances explained. Following this, we represent the clients to obtain the best result possible under the law. We have handled cases to the utmost satisfaction of our clients on a consistent basis resulting in long-term attorney-client relationships all over the USA and beyond.

Qualified legal help is just a click or a phone call away.

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Trivia: Did you know that The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) was enacted in 1952?

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