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R-2 Family of R-1 visa holders

R-2 Family of R-1 visa holders

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The R-2 visa is a US temporary visa that authorizes the spouse and unmarried child (below 21 years) of an R-1 visa holder to enter the United States. The R-2 status holders can stay in the country as long as the R-1 visa holders remain in legal status. In other words, an individual loses his/her R-2 status once the principal R-1 person loses lawful status.

The R1 visa is a non-immigrant religious work visa issued to the following categories:

Members of religious groups or communities who have an authentic nonprofit, religious institute in the United States.

Aliens entering the US to work exclusively as the minister of a religious community or group.

The U.S. nonprofit religious organizations recruit alien religious workers in various religious vocations, including religious instructors, liturgical workers, missionaries, catechists, etc.

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