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Bankruptcy Immigration & Discrimination Attorneys

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    At Sakhia Law Group, we practice & serve the client’s legal needs in the areas of:

    We serve clients in all areas of immigration law, everywhere:

    Our firm’s immigration practice is really impressive in quantum and breadth of representation.  From simple visa petitions, removal proceedings in courts, appeals with Board of Immigration Appeals to complex litigation in US District Courts, Circuit Court of Appeals, and certiorari to the US Supreme Court, we have done it all over the last 10 years.  Our success rate is impressive and we can serve your needs all over the US and beyond.

    Bankruptcy & Adversarial Proceedings:

    Please remember that in financial hard times, individuals, as well as businesses, may need out of the box thinking.  Bankruptcy laws are there to help.  However, understanding these laws and navigating through the requirements may be challenging.  Bankruptcy proceedings, when pursued properly may be the difference between success and failure.  Let us help you through the Bankruptcy proceedings, should you find yourself in a challenging situation on the financial front.

    We have successfully represented clients whose bankruptcy petitions have been challenged either by the US DOJ, Trustee’s Office, and Debtors by way of initiating adversary proceedings.

    Discrimination & Civil Rights Violations: 

    We at Sakhia Law Group have handled numerous cases involving employers of varying scale.  Therefore, we can analyze the situation professionally, and competently so the employer would what they are facing. Armed with the right analysis and understanding of the law, we help employers make a good business decision concerning the matter in front of them.

    We take care of our client’s interests in their hour of need.

    Franchise Law Matters:

    Sakhia Law Group prides itself on representing both start-ups and established franchisors. Our firm provides a full range of services in all aspects of developing, registering, offering for sale, operating, restructuring, and expanding franchisor businesses. We represent clients who offer franchises nationally, including international franchisors, in a variety of industries, including restaurant services, fashion businesses, home maintenance and improvement, hotel and lodging, business services, technology, real estate, pet food, and pet care, professional services, and child care services.

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